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Lincoln Nautilus = Pure Luxury SUV

So you hear the term luxury being thrown around a lot nowadays. Luxury this and luxury that and most of it is overrated. Take those small BMW convertibles for example and yes I came for BMW convertibles. I will admit they look nice from the outside but have you ever tried to sit in one of those things? Have you ever tried to fit other people, luggage, a dog maybe, into one of those things? They are cramped as all hell and seems to be purposely made for one person. Yes we probably argue till the cows go home about the luxury status of BMW convertibles but if that little matchbox car is luxury then its definitely some selfish luxury.

Real luxury my friends is not selfish but selfless ( I realize this quote is definitely debatable but roll with it). I present to you my dear friend the Lincoln Nautilus. This thing is a luxury SUV if I ever saw one. Blush and comfortable seats, navigation, side mirror car warning features, beautiful aesthetics, honestly what more can you ask? Lincoln lately has honestly been stepping up its game. Have you seen the new Lincoln Navigator? I saw, sat and drove that thing and it was like driving a majestic cloud, it was beautiful. Ford tried to compete with their expedition and Cadi with their Escalade but honestly Lincoln has won hands down. And whats interesting it seems to be close in price with the Ford Explorer, Toyota Highlander and Toyota 4 Runner ( I know they aren’t luxury but they seem to be the SUV favorites right now).

Lets first start with the atheistic on this car. Whoever designed this SUV should get an award because from the outside it looks shiny and appealing. It looks like the standard upper middle class family car that they take out on mountain getaways and small trips to Chickfla. As for the interior boy oh boy is it comfy. If you have back issues just sit in one of these babies and you will forget you have back issues. And the gleam that comes off the inside reminds me of opening a treasure box in Legend of Zelda. Admittedly and regrettably I have not been able to drive this car long distance like some of the other cars I’ll eventually showcase. Honestly its a shame because I believe it would have handled well on a nice 2 to 4 hours trip. But in the small amount of time that I got to experience driving this I wish I had $40,000 to throw at the dealership. I would do in a heartbeat, no buyers remorse or anything.But this end my thoughts on this car. Take a test drive sometime, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

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